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Ties Dessy Paragon Slider Tie Ties Image 1
Ties Dessy Paragon Slider Tie Ties Image 1
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Dessy Ties Paragon Slider Tie / VP502 After Six by Dessy VP502 is a dazzling pre-knotted designer tie that saves you time and keeps you on track. Made for adults, we know you will find a color that will fit with the color choices of your bridal party as well as the ceremony in general. Highlights of this design include jacquard fabric and is pre-knotted to make things easy for you. Best of all, you can order it from a selection of wonderful color choices. Despite its innovative design, this tie gives you the classic look you are searching for and want on your special day.

Features of this solid color neck tie include:

After Six by Dessy is known for trendy fashions, great color choices, and quality construction. No matter the season of the year or the type of ceremony, you will find something for everyone in the ceremony. From vests to ties to pockets squares, they have you covered.

After Six by Dessy VP502 is a slider style designer tie that is made for ease of use. Why a slider tie? Because it slips around your neck with no fuss. When you want a traditional look but with less effort then this is the item you are searching for. You can order it today at the Wedding Shoppe. Fabric:  Jacquard

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