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Cake Tops Lillian Rose  Gold Monogram Cake Topper Wedding Cake Top Image 1
Cake Tops Lillian Rose  Gold Monogram Cake Topper Wedding Cake Top Image 1
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Lillian Rose Wedding Cake Top Gold Monogram Cake Topper / MG540 Sleek and three-dimensional in a stylish metallic gold, the Gold Monogram Cake Topper is an elegant crowning glory for any wedding cake style. Metallic details and classic, flowing calligraphy look elegant on any pastry chef's showpiece, from a fully-frosted, traditional confection to a trendy naked cake or the bright top tier of a cupcake tower. Available in the full alphabet, these letters make great cake toppers for a sophisticated reception, whether you use the single initial of a shared last name or crown a sheet cake with both couples' full monograms placed side by side – or, for a stylish and conceptual take, just the ampersand atop a modern cake design. But one initial can also be an elegant part of a bridal shower beforehand, making this versatile topper a sweet and thoughtful gift from the mother of the bride or a maid of honor. These gilded accents are thoughtfully designed with romantic loops and sweeps, and each has either one or two picks to best support the letter atop a cake. Glamorous in gold plating that offers the timeless glow of precious metal, this monogram cake topper makes a glorious highlight in the aesthetic of a wedding reception.
The Gold Monogram Cake Topper from the Lillian Rose line styles your wedding look with these details:
• Gold-plated elegance
• Sweeping script font
• Three-dimensional styling
• Versatile design
• 4.75” tall (ampersand is slightly smaller)
• Bottom pick(s) for piercing cake
• Available in all letters (A-Z) plus an ampersand (&)

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