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Unity Candles Cathy's Concepts 3903FC Unity Candle Image 1
Unity Candles Cathy's Concepts 3903FC Unity Candle Image 1
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Cathy's Concepts Unity Candle 3903FC / Floating Unity Candle

Why settle for the usual unity candle when Cathy's Concepts 3903FC will make a better choice. This stunning looking and fascinating idea will definitely create a huge sensation with your guests.

Cathy's Concepts 3903FC takes a common wedding concept and turns it around, creating an original idea for your special day. Highlights of this interesting item include a single glass vase of 4 inches by 9 1/2 inches that can be filled with water. After that you put the small wax candle inside to float on the top. You can also make it more interesting by adding other objects inside the water (rocks, fish etc). This item comes with engraving: first names and wedding date.

Features of this great unity candle concept include:

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Cathy's Concepts 3903FC takes a traditional wedding ceremony idea and changes it up a bit. The result is something you and your guests will long remember. This item can be ordered today at the Wedding Shoppe.

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